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Low financial visibility [Although we provide support at different levels, you won’t know for sure when you’ll be able to earn your living with this project. The amount varies according to the country and region].

High degree of autonomy [You will launch Konexio as a franchisee in your city. A high degree of flexibility will be needed and your responsibilities will evolve over time.]

  • Country of origin: France

  • Areas where the same concept has been replicated: Malawi, Kenya, 12 cities in France 

  • Area of replication: Anywhere where there is a need and a market potential.

  • Contract type with the initial team: Franchise 


Quick overview

  • Creation date: 2016

  • Country of origin: FRANCE

  • Staff: 40 full time employees

  • Business modelKonexio is a non-profit social enterprise which relies on grants but which also develops other revenue streams to balance its model. 


What is it about?

Konexio advances socio-economic inclusion for society’s most vulnerable groups by empowering refugees, migrants, and disadvantaged youth with employable digital skills.  Lack of digital skills causes both social isolation and difficulty securing income, so vulnerable groups on the losing end of the “digital divide” are increasingly left out of a rapidly digitizing society. 


In 2016, Konexio launched programs in Paris’ immigrant-dense neighborhoods, and in 2019 launched a pilot program in the Dzaleka refugee camp in Malawi. By bridging the digital divide, Konexio fights unemployment and integrates vulnerable groups into society.

Impact KPIs


students trained


have found jobs, started their own entrepreneurial projects, or enrolled in further education


gained valuable digital skills that they use daily 


Your mission

As a franchisee, you will work closely with Konexio’s international development team to launch, develop and manage Konexio in your city/country. 

Your main responsibilities are as follows:


👉Launching and setting up Konexio locally 

  • Find offices for Konexio (classroom space, internet connection, etc.) - arrange it if needed 

  • Contacting the various stakeholders: associations, companies with hiring needs, clubs, public authorities, etc. and developing partnerships


👉 Adapt the curriculum and source the students 

  • Finding the best channels to inform the students about the program

  • Recruit the students and assess their needs

  • Curate the curriculum to the students’ levels and needs - with the international team’s support

  • Organising and delivering information sessions in partnership with ecosystem players


👉 Run the training programs for the students 

  • Implement and run the training programs

  • Create, monitor and support the students throughout the program


👉 Coordinate with the volunteers and other partners 

  • Find volunteers to assist you during the training programs

  • Onboard and train them 

  • Supervise their work and assist them on an ongoing basis 


👉 Communication & fundraising

  • Implementing the communication strategy 

  • Developing and implementing a fundraising strategy for your city 

  • Development of new partnerships in the region: associations, companies, clubs and private circles, personalities

  • Interventions at various events, in the media, etc.


👉 Staff management

  • Recruit your team members and manage their careers (evaluations, training, etc).


👉 Financial management

  • Define and consolidate the annual budgets of the activities and supervise the accounting of your franchise. 

Your profile


  • Excellent entrepreneurial and management skills, autonomous, flexible and with strong discipline

  • Strong interest in digital technology and knowledge transfer

  • Excellent ability to summarise, excellent writing skills

  • Strong interpersonal skills with the ability to adapt to the various audiences you’ll interact with

  • Adaptability and agility in decision making 

  • Customer focus, leadership, initiative with a strong results-oriented culture

  • Sense of organisation and priorities, ability to handle several projects at the same time

  • Good communicator and populariser

  • Great educator/trainer allowing innovation and the implementation of an adapted pedagogy


Experiences & knowledge required: 

  • At least 2 years of working experience in the nonprofit or social enterprise sector 

  • Experience in training or the education sector would be a plus 

  • Proficient level of English and bilingual in your local city’s language


Contract type: franchise 

You will launch Konexio as a franchisee in your city. You have full responsibility over your franchise and a high degree of flexibility will be needed as your responsibilities will evolve over time. 


We will provide significant support, as well as a set of tools and training so that you don’t start from scratch. 


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  • Konexio's business model (Current business model, future evolutions)

  • Their Replication offer - Part 1 (Long term vision, daily life you can expect, partner's profile, etc.)


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