Giving a workshop at Edhec Business School

Another vision of social entrepreneurship.

It was an exciting moment for our co-founder Yoon-Joo to go back to the university she studied... as a guest speaker!

On September 12th, Yoon-Joo was invited to deliver a workshop at EDHEC Business School for 37 students of the MSc Entrepreneurship.


The theme chosen for the season by the Director was "the multiple identities, colours and types of entrepreneurship" that are possible.

Because there is a mainstream vision of what an entrepreneur should be.

And there are all the other realities.

We wanted to show through our own examples that being an entrepreneur doesn't always have to be about competing with each other, being the best of the best and raising millions [even though it can be!]

In an open & interactive way, we discussed about:

  • Our personal stories leading to the launch of Snowball Effect;

  • The work we do, what "replicating a social enterprise" means and why it matters;

  • Our learnings, our personal vision of "success" and the way we embody a new type of "entrepreneurship"; based on trust, transparency, respect and wellbeing;

  • Our advice & recommendations for the student's next steps and professional careers.

Here's what the students said:

"I learnt a new way of doing business and it was very enriching"

"It dealt with a completely new topic, leading to interesting reflections"

"It helped me see things from a different perspective. It was interactive and the presentation was very nice and clear."

"Very inspiring and meaningful, thank you for your work!"


We love contributing to changing the mindsets of tomorrow's leaders.

If you'd like to organise a workshop on a similar inspirational theme for your students, feel free to reach out. We cover a wide range of topics related to social entrepreneurship and impact!

Thank you for the opportunity EDHEC Business School!