Did you know that in France, 94% of people want to contribute to solving our current social and environmental issues?

But the sad truth is only 6% do so through their work.

Even though we work on average 80.000 hours in our lives!

Are those figures similar in your country?

When we know the social & environmental challenges are urgent to be solved, we need more people to get involved through their job and become changemakers!

That’s where a school for changemakers comes in! 🙌

Have you always dreamt of empowering people to become changemakers?

Helping them have the skills and confidence to change the world for the good of all?

Well… What if you could launch exactly that in your country without having to start from scratch?

👉 Here is the exciting news!

We are thrilled to announce that you can now replicate a school for changemakers that has been more than successful for the past 8 years in France: Ticket for Change!

What is “Ticket for Change”?

Ticket for Change is a French school and a movement for changemakers created in 2014.

Their mission is to help people find out how they can use their talents in the best possible way to contribute to solving society’s challenges through their work. They help people change careers, become social entrepreneurs and support organisations in their positive transformation.

So far, they have helped more than 120.000 people in France to find their unique talents to change the world through their work.

What do they do more precisely? What are their activities?

Ticket for Change is on a mission to empower everyone to become changemakers through their work. To do so, they design and deliver transformative learning experiences, for 3 main beneficiaries: aspiring social entrepreneurs, corporate Changemakers and people changing careers.

Since 2014 they have developed 14 online and offline programs to help people find inspiration, get to know themselves better, and take concrete actions.

Here are some examples of what they do :

  • A pre-incubation program to support aspiring social entrepreneurs launch their impact startup

  • Learning expeditions for corporate changemakers to become “intrapreneurs” (Not familiar with what's an “intrapreneur”? Read more here)

  • Training sessions to help citizens assess their skills, discover their unique talent and find the best job for them.

  • A MOOC & practical guidebook on “How to become a social entrepreneur”

  • A Podcast to learn from experienced social entrepreneurs

Who are the people behind this? How did it all start?

We know them well since Laure, one of Snowball Effect's cofounders, was even part of their team a few years ago. And we can tell you the team is FAN-TAS-TIC !

Ticket for Change started when in 2012, Matthieu Dardaillon, one of the co-founders, took part in a program called the Jagriti Yatra, in India. During 15 days, they were 450 young people travelling through 8000km around India to meet incredible and inspiring changemakers.

This was an awakening journey for him and felt the urge of replicating this initiative in France. 2 years later, they launched it for real with an incredible team of 5 co-founders!

Since 2014, Ticket for Change has developed into a social enterprise with 25 employees and built new programs compared to the initial inspiration (as mentioned above).

8 years later, it is now your turn to get inspired by them and replicate it in your country!

Interested in replicating it in your country?

They are bringing to you all the know-how, knowledge and experience they’ve acquired during the past 8 years on a golden plate ;)

Who’s in for a trip to Paris, France? 🇫🇷

If you are serious about replicating it, you will be invited for a field immersion in France to have some “on the ground” experience. You’ll also have dedicated mentoring to learn from their learnings! (And the croissants of course 🥖)

Once you’re ready to launch, you will operate under a trademark licence where you’ll get the brand, high-quality support, and access to an engaged community of replicators.

So, ready to replicate it?

Ticket for Change is looking for teams (no solo, no organisations), who are doers with great entrepreneurial attitudes and natives of the replication territory.

If you don’t have a team yet, you can still get in touch with them and they will be able to connect you with other candidates in the same location (maybe your future cofounders?)

You just have to apply to this form by mentioning Snowball Effect!

PS: applications must be submitted before May 22nd 2022

So, are you ready? Join them!