Snowball Effect was at ChangeNOW! 🤩

We were honoured to be exhibiting as a SOLUTIONFORTHEPLANET & invited as SPEAKERS at the ChangeNOW summit, the "World's largest event for the Planet" ✨

What is ChangeNOW?

1000+ solutions to our most urgent global issues are highlighted in front of entrepreneurs, investors, executives, city representatives, partners and the general public connecting from all around the world.

The goal is to scale solutions, create synergies between the players of impact and accelerate change towards a sustainable world. Does it ring a bell?

What did we do?

We had the joy to meet hundreds of people for 3 days!

👉 Laure Frech Brouard spoke on "Building a career in impact" with Jean Guo, Christian Vanizette Santiago Lefebvre Ngwing Kimani and Simone Vincenzi.

Because replicating a proven solution is a great way to create your own impactful and entrepreneurial job!

Watch the replay here:

👉 Yoon-Joo Jee spoke on "Unleashing the Full potential of Changemakers" with Matthias Scheffelmeier, Rowan Barnett Jess Teutonico and Miriam Sweeney.

It was hosted by The Possibilists, a new alliance of the world’s largest youth social innovation networks.

Check it out here.

Overall, this Summit confirmed that:

👉 Many great solutions already exist to solve the social/environmental challenges: not less than #1000 solutions were displayed at the Summit!

👉 We need to bring them to #scale so that the same problems can be solved in different territories without reinventing the wheel! There's no time to waste!

👉 What an immense joy to have met so many people who shared our vision and mission. It has never been a better time to #replicate what already works! We are thrilled to have met some of the most exciting and inspiring people and are looking forward to all the collaborations with them!

Also, we wanted to say a special THANK YOU to Noémie Frohn, our dear Ambassador who was there all along at our Booth!