Training the future replicators of Ticket for Change

Since April, it was an immense joy to collaborate with Ticket for Change on their replication journey!

Out of 300 candidates from 65 countries, 4 teams were finally selected to launch Ticket for Change in Lebanon, Mexico, Malaysia and Belgium!

Congratulations to Joelle BecharaJanine Ayoub, Cyrielle B.Aldo Medina, Norashahera Haleem MertensMatthieu Mertens and Aurélie Stas de Richelle, Anne-Sophie Delvaulx and Justin Van Malderen and the Ticket for Change team for their hard work cc Anne-Maryse van der Slikke, Joséphine Bouchez, Madeleine Ceyrac LamingMatthieu Dardaillon!


Last week, we hosted a training session on "HOW TO ADAPT THE PROJECT LOCALLY - ASSESSING THE LOCAL NEEDS".

We shared:

  • best practices and tips based on real use cases

  • simulation games, to help these entrepreneurs get started in their market assessment!

👉 As you can see, everyone was super concentrated! Who said the summer was to rest? 😅 ☀️

This is a huge milestone for Ticket for Change but also a big one for the ecosystem as it shows an inspiring replication model! 🎉

Once again, big up to everyone involved!


Translated in English:

"We are very happy and hope you had a good time too?

Thank you so much for your time and intervention. It was super helpful!

Indeed, the timing was tight but you handled it very well. Well done for your agility during the session and your management of the different hats.

We really appreciated the very concrete examples and recommendations you shared and the fact that you made the link with our previous exchanges ;-)

It was also interesting for us to see the simulated exchanges and the interactions between them."