What is it like to replicate a successful social business? - Interview Series

You would like to become a social entrepreneur but you’re missing the right idea to get started? What about replicating a social business that has already been proven to work elsewhere?

That’s what Narmin Aliyeva, Tania Fouqué and Matovu Mutesasira Abdallah did. Willing to generate impact without reinventing the wheel, they replicated the social businesses SPEAK and We Love Reading in their regions.

Discover their respective stories in a series of interviews! We talked about how they got involved in their projects, the best and most challenging parts of replicating an existing social business, their advice to others considering replication, and why there’s no such thing as failure.

  • “You don’t need to be a business developer to replicate a project” 👉 Discover our interview with Narmin, founder of SPEAK Kaunas

  • “Replicating a project is the best Master’s you will ever do” 👉 Discover our interview with Tania, co-founder of SPEAK Madrid

  • “Your project can be adapted to the local region” 👉 Discover our interview with Matovu, founder of We Love Reading Uganda

SPEAK Kaunas - CourtYard Festival

Throughout these interviews, a common point between the replicators was clear: their passion for the projects they have replicated.

In this series of interviews, you will discover their learnings and tips such as:

  • Be passionate about the problem the project is solving

  • Believe in the solution you’re replicating

  • Try new things and step outside of your comfort zone

  • Instead of fearing failure, see challenges as an opportunity for learning and new experiences

  • Benefit from the support of the initiators and learn from their achievements and mistakes

  • Make sure to adapt the project to your region

Feeling inspired by the stories of Narmin, Tania and Matovu? Want to learn more about how to adapt and replicate an impactful social business to your region? Check out the Snowball Effect programs here!

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