A 6-week program to find a project to replicate and decide if it's made for you.

A 3-month program to start replicating the project of your choice. 

WHAT OUR PARTICIPANTS SAY about the discovery program

So far, it is the only program I know of which provides such authentic and reality-driven content. Not only did I get to learn from real social entrepreneurs’ experiences, but I also digged in my inner self through powerful introspection exercises!  


—  Xavier (SPAIN)

This program was mind-opening. It changed my whole way of thinking. 

If you are at a life/career intersection and you consider starting a meaningful business, this well-built program will spark some ideas to get started! 


—  Emily (AUSTRIA)

I was amazed by the quality of the program: the content of the online course is so valuable and you can’t find the information provided anywhere else! Before starting the program, I felt the urge to start something of my own but didn’t know where and how to start… Now, my next steps are much clearer! 


I’ve always wondered whether I should become a social entrepreneur or not, and I found my answer with this program! It guided me and gave me unique insights of the different entrepreneurial paths I should consider. I highly recommend it! 


—  Sarah (IRELAND)

—  Megane (FRANCE)

Laure and Yoon-Joo are some of the most amazing facilitators. Their energy and the quality of the program will make you learn a lot about yourself and your aspirations but also about why, when and how to replicate a concept of social business. Meeting like-minded people during this program is a truly unique experience!  


—  Kevin (FRANCE)

We don’t invest enough in this kind of education that is meant to empower us. I already had in mind “copying a project I like” before enrolling in the program but I never managed to do it. This program gave me the tools and the confidence to kickstart my journey!  


—  Diana (ROMANIA)

Yoon-Joo and Laure are just amazing at explaining complex concepts, telling real entrepreneurial experiences, giving advice and helping you know yourself better. I feel more self-aware and ready for my entrepreneurial adventure! We should all learn how to replicate social businesses, it is a key enabler to generate a systemic positive impact!


This program is very concrete, action-driven and it helps you start replicating a project you like right away!

I felt really supported and it helped me identify my impact career path!  


—  Laura (SPAIN)

—  Noémie (FRANCE)

It is the perfect program if you want some inspiration to get involved in the impact field, build a network and build knowledge on replication models!  


—  Deirdre (PORTUGAL)

This program is not only about meeting initiators to replicate their projects. It's about an extremely strong team who not only provides highly qualitative content but they also help you know yourself better to find the right project for you!

—  Laureline (GERMANY)



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This program is currently in progress. Stay tuned, reviews will be posted as soon as it ends! ;)