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Yoon-Joo JEE

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. 7+ years in the field of impact entrepreneurship 

As a social entrepreneur herself, then as an advisor to help social business scale up their impact. 


. A facilitation guru

3+ years in group facilitation to foster collective intelligence with a human-centered approach.

. A savvy problem solver

Efficiently turning a mental mess into a clear thinking and structured strategy.


. An international bird

Experiences in France, Uganda, India, Lebanon and South Korea.

. An avid dancer & spiritual yogi

Almost became a professional ballet dancer before becoming a yogi & meditation practitioner.


  • LinkedIn - White Circle

. 8+ years in the field of impact entrepreneurship 

As a social entrepreneur herself, then as a social intrapreneur within an Austrian company, then as a trainer within a French social business incubator. 


. A professional coach

Certified by the ICF (International Coaching Federation), she is coaching social entrepreneurs & all those switching their career path.


. A passionate connector

Turning a group of talented people into a beautiful orchestra.


. An international bird too

Experiences in France, Austria, India, Bolivia, Burkina-Faso and Cambodia.

. A stage performer & voice lover

Singing, podcasting and playing theater to gain energy


When we met in 2019, we were both working for already +7 years in the social entrepreneurship field. We came as "competitors" on a coffee table, and left 4 hours later as co-founders. ;)


When knowing that:

  • Amazing solutions - viable, simple, impactful and local ones - are worth spreading;

  • Their initiators struggle to scale their impact;

  • Many talented people don’t dare becoming entrepreneurs unless they  find THE idea;

... we felt there was a gap to be bridged.

And the adventure began.


They are an amazing helping hand when we need them, making it a great collective adventure!

We are extremely happy and thankful to have them onboard: 

Julie Murat, Maxime de Beauchesnes, Ucka Ludovic Ilolo, Clara Guttierez, Andrew Wong, Laura Bernard, Kévin Tan, Laureline Farabet, Eulàlia Tort, Camille Brodin, Maylis Pecoux, Guillaume Bonnet, Akanksha Kurana.


Do you also  want to be part of this thrilling adventure?

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Spreading news as much as impactful solutions!

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