teamwork makes the dream work. 

introducing you to the team behind this!


Laure & Yoon-Joo, who both worked for over 7 years in the impact field, made the same observation. 

There were many smart people strongly willing to make this world a better place. But when they consider launching a project, they are systematically asked to come up with “innovative ideas”. 


Why is that?! In the end, they rather tend to reinvent the wheel...  So, we decided to change that perception! 



  • Amazing solutions already exist and are worth spreading,

  • Their founders are willing to empower others to do the same, 

  • Aspiring social entrepreneurs can replicate these proven solutions instead of starting from scratch! 

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Yoon-Joo JEE

  • LinkedIn - White Circle

. 7+ years in the field of impact entrepreneurship 

As a social entrepreneur herself, then as a consultant and advisor to help social business scale up their impact. 


. A facilitation guru

3+ years in group facilitation to foster collective intelligence with a human-centered approach.

. A savvy problem solver

Efficiently turning a mental mess into a clear thinking and structured strategy.


. An international bird

Lived in 9 countries & professional experiences in France, Portugal, UK, Uganda, Ivory Coast, India, Lebanon, etc.

. An avid dancer & spiritual yogi

In love with dancing for the sake of it + a regular yoga & meditation practitioner.



  • LinkedIn - White Circle

. 8+ years in the field of impact entrepreneurship 

As a social entrepreneur herself, then as a social intrapreneur within an Austrian company, then as a trainer within a French social business incubator. 


. A professional coach

Certified by the ICF (International Coaching Federation), she is coaching social entrepreneurs & all those switching their career path.


. A passionate connector

Turning a group of talented people into a beautiful orchestra.


. An international bird too

Experiences in France, Austria, India, Bolivia, Burkina-Faso and Cambodia.

. A stage performer & voice lover

Singing, podcasting and playing theater to gain energy


They help us turn Snowball Effect into a movement, making it a great collective adventure! We are grateful to have them onboard.

  • Akanksha Khurana

  • Allen Yip

  • Alicia Lopez Tejero

  • Andrew Wong

  • Anne Billet 

  • Aurora Zhu

  • Cecile Rofidal

  • Chakradhar Iyyunni

  • Claire Lepoutre
  • Claire Moretto 

  • Dârini Vedarattiname

  • Graham Gillen 

  • Geof Cox

  • Hélène Metge Toppin 

  • Julie Montels 

  • Julie Murat

  • Julie Thevenet 

  • Kamilah Sanders

  • Kevin Tan

  • Laura Bernard 

  • Laureline Farabet

  • Maria Boustany 

  • Maylis Pecoux

  • Mélanie Jouanin

  • Noémie Frohn 

  • Paola Toro 

  • Pierre Fillaudeau

  • Stasia Nicu

  • Tanita Sharma 

  • Virginie Minchella


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